March 26, 2012

TERA CBT4 is finished! Imposter on Youtube?

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Monday at 1:00am TERA’s 4th closed beta test came to a close. Deydis, Sasaraii, Frank, Ninzor, Brandon and myself went out fighting the guild Bloodline in Popolion. You can find a brief video of that here:

It wasn’t much in terms for PvP this beta, we tried to organize a pvp event with roaming groups of 5. It was successful for a little while, but ended up with zergs fighting wars. Never the less it was fun to watch, and that group pvp that did occur was very enjoyable.

After I uploaded the video to Youtube, I noticed something by AxisEleven in the recommended tab. I clicked on it to find someone is using our name for their own purposes. I’ve sent a complaint to the youtube staff to have it taken down, if at all possible. I will keep you updated on how that goes!

Thanks everyone!

February 13, 2012

Forums Updated

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Some current changes include:

A sub-forum for TERA has been created

Sub-forum merges to simplify things

New spam prevention user registration settings (under these settings, new users will need to answer basic questions in order to register)

    I am looking into other things that would be good to add, suggestions are welcome!

    HTMLathon contest

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    In short, we need a new web page. I know I was supposed to get an artist to do a splash page for us, but well.. I still haven’t found anyone! So let’s get started with this instead.

    View the forum post for information!

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